I try to capture the essence of the animal spending a long time observing, photographing and sketching the animal before I start to sculpt it. When working on a commission of your pet I work very closely with you from photos you send to match and even exceed your expectations. Throughout the making process I continually keep you updated by sending you photos in its wet state to allow you to make changes if needed, repeating this process until you are 100% happy. I am fascinated by muscle structure and how the skin folds with movement and the flow, shape and different texture of hair which I try to capture in my work to make it as close to real life as possible.

I left school with O levels in ceramics and art in 1981, I then secured an apprenticeship in Topaz Ceramics Stoke on Trent. My primary role was throwing pots but I was also trained in all other aspects of ceramic production. After 4 years I set up on my own at Cotwall End Craft Centre where I worked for many years producing hand thrown ceramics. Eventually I started to make rudimentary sculpture by assembling thrown pots; this led to my passion for sculpture. I have sold my sculptures in exhibitions throughout the country. I now work from my studio at home which is in Dudley the Black Country.